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The Tomato dictionary of watch styles and how to pair them: HIPSTER

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If you are known for your somewhat alternative fashion choices, authentic style and unique vibes then hipster fashion is for you.

/ˈhɪpstə/ noun

Hispter is all about rejecting the cultural mainstream and emphasizing independence and individuality.
“Hipster style” is one of those phrases that kind of means whatever you want it to mean… but what does is mean to dress like a hipster and really exude hipster flair? Here’s our 3 must haves for exuding authentic style and unique vibes.

The get-up:
Checker prints, skinny jeans, white t’s and a leather or military style jacket are staples in every hipster’s wardrobe. The more dishevelled the piece the better – if it looks like you threw it on because it was the first thing you saw; you’ve got the look right. The hipster subculture often sports vintage or thrifted pieces – but You don’t have to be dressed in vintage clothes from head to toe. A healthy retro-style and modern mix will do.

Unconventional accessories:
The accessories that you wear should make a statement – ironically. A Fedora style hat – casually perched on your head.  Unconventional combinations like cork or wooden dials in a watch screams function and ironic fashion. If the accessories look like something that you found in a thrift store, Gramps’ closet or even like something that you made on your own, you’re definitely doing it right!

Hipster swagger
Never try too hard or look too well coordinated. This style is all about being unique without looking like you spent hours assembling the look – It’s all about casual and effortless appeal. Ultimately your attitude is what is going to pull the whole thing together. It’s all about having a laid-back attitude, and that attitude is all about quality of life. It’s actually about living life affordably and saving the environment (hence old tee shirts and tote bags) and prioritizing the fundamental joys of life (more being yourself, weird and beautiful in your own way)

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