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2021 HERITAGE DAY blog – Ryno Mulder


Turning back the clock twenty-one years, Tomato found its roots in the need for a truly South African watch brand. Created for South Africans by South Africans, Tomato fashion watches brought global style to the people of the South at a price point that was democratic. Young, trendy and adventurous were elements like the sun, soil and water to grow the Tomato brand in step with our young democracy. Back then, every Tomato watch even came packaged in its own wooden crate that to this day remains iconic, emblematic, and authentically Mzansi.

Our story is your story

Anyone who has worn a Tomato watch knows it’s never just a fashion accessory. There’s a personal and emotional connection to your Tomato watch. Maybe it was your first watch…. A watch you saved up to buy when you finished school. A watch you received from your parents. A watch that was given to you by a Boyfriend. Tomato watches speak a language that connects you to everyone and everything in your world.

Face forward

Our world has irrevocably changed. Tomato’s heritage celebrates change, choice, and variety – catering to people like you who live and love to express their individuality. Always evolving with the accelerating rhythm of our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, Tomato now also offers jewellery, accessories, sunglasses and bags.

As our country celebrates the many diverse cultures that unite us as South Africans this HERITAGE DAY, Tomato too celebrates diversity. Your diversity. Whether you are Stylish or into Streetwear, a Preppy or Ambitious, Tomato lets you express your unique flavour. Because you’re a different person today than you were yesterday, than you were a year ago. You dance to the beat of your own drum.

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