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Ways to Pay

CREDIT CARD accepts credit cards via Visa and MasterCard only. All payments will go through the 3D-Secure authentication system to verify cardholder details with your bank; this connects you directly to your bank with a secure link. The transaction itself takes place within your bank’s secure environment and we won’t have access to any of your card details. When you return a purchase, the specified amount will be credited back to your bank account after it has been approved.


Instant EFT is a safe and reliable way to make a payment. It uses the existing relationship you have with your bank to complete the transaction. That means completing payment using Instant EFT is just as secure as making a direct EFT deposit. The only information required from you is the information which is only known to you and the bank, which is your login information and the OTP’s that are triggered to your mobile number. Neither or our Instant EFT providers (Payfast) store your banking details.